Flying Solo. Would You?

Sugata Mitra’s “Hole in the Wall” experiments have shown that, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other, if they’re motivated by curiosity and peer interest.

 To what extent is this already happening?

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167 thoughts on “Flying Solo. Would You?

  1. After watching Sugata Mitra’s “Hole in The Wall” I infer that kids nowadays have really evolved mentally. They are now able to teach themselves using limited resources and limited guidance. If more schools or organizations started to teach children this way, a lot more would get done. Then, teachers could use their extra energy into teaching other students or coming up with even more ideas to educate. This video also showed how much kids are willing and happy to learn. Schools in America, much like Foran, you don’t really see that and often teachers’ efforts are wasted on children that just don’t want to learn. Why not use those efforts to teach children to actually are willing to make a difference?

  2. Sugata Mitra’s discussion depicts students taking control of their own learning and exploring things on their own. The students were given resources and they took time to learn new things by themselves. They learned how to use a computer, as well as finding information correctly. This is happening to an extent in our world today. However, students learn things that aren’t academic. We use our resources to find information about things that we were not assigned to learn about. some students find motivations by themselves, while others only learn to get A’s in school. Mitra’s students find their own motivations, since majority of them aren’t in school, while here in the US, almost every child is enrolled in some form of education, and that is where majority of motives come from for them.

  3. Sugata Mitra talked about how children can find information on their own, without anyone else. If the child is motivated enough to find the information, they will eventually figure out how. Sugata Mitra left a computer for the kids to use and the children had learned so much, even though there wasn’t any adult or teacher around to help or guide them. This shows that children can learn and do other things on their own without the help of others around them. Teachers in our society should do the same, by letting students pick what they want to learn and let the student figure out how to teach themselves.

  4. This is a video with Sugata Mitra’s using his evidence to show that kids will take advantage of their own learning if they are motivated. He gave kids technology and a task to complete in a certain amount of time. He had all of the kids motivated to use a computer, or technology to expand their knowledge. He also found that when kids work as a group and have one computer, they seem to learn more. If we started to let kids learn in the way they feel comfortable, and we make them motivated, kids will learn so much more. If we make learning interesting, kids will be happy with their education and will want to go to school. Instead of making education benefit only 1/3 of kids, let us make it benefit all.

  5. In this video, it is shows that students have the ability to learn with just themselves and technology. In today’s society most kids dread going to school because their learning is teacher controlled. If we let children take control of their own learning, like seen in the video, they would be motivated to take control of their own learning. In the video, these kids are given just a computer, no knowledge of english, and they were still able to learn. This just goes to show that if children were able to take control of their technology, how much more they would be able to learn.

  6. after watching the video i have realized that many students nowadays don’t have the freedom to learn like these kids do, they are just taught it and are expected to understand it. students need to have more hands on activities in order to understand the subjects they study better. i feel like this is why many students do better in the classes that they can choose to be in rather than the ones that are picked for them. if students enjoy the work that they are doing then they’ll be more likely to do better on it/be better at it. if we let students have more control over what they’re doing in school then i bet they would be doing way better than they are now.

  7. Sugata Mitra’s “Hole in the wall” project, showed that children could teach themselves,and each other. this shows that children can be far more resourceful and understanding than we thought. In a matter of days, children understood how to use the computer and navigate the internet, though they never previously have encountered computers. Students need more hands on and engaging activities in order to understand the subjects they study better. If we used technology more in our education system, i feel that students would be far more engaged and maybe even would like learning. Students should be able to choose what they learn, things that interest them and are beneficial.

  8. Overall I do see our society ending up like the on bradberry portrayed. This is because a lot of people in this world own at least one electronic whether it is a phone an ipad or a television. Also the electronic that they have is probably used at least 1 hour a day or more this is because technology is very addicting and it is entertaining to use. Also a lot of households have 3-4 televisions in their home. Which is absurd because a lot of the time you don’t use all of the televisions. In the book mildred attempted sucide and it didn’t work, but the pump brought her back to life and the pump is technology. What I am saying is technology is not all that bad because you can use technology to save lives. Also another example is when they burned down a house because there were books in the house. This means in the book they relied on technology so much that they could not own books anymore because in their eyes technology was the greatest thing to ever exist. Also in today’s world almost every person in the world uses technology everyday. This is because everyone in the world needs to use technology to survive . Also a lot of people rely on technology to keep them entertained and use it to be satisfied.

  9. After watching Sugata Mitra´s ¨A Whole in the Wall,¨ I see some things that are happening in my school and others that are not. First, I see a lot of the technology factors going on at my school. For example, we all have our own chromebooks that we received in middle school and have multiple computer labs throughout the school. The video said the technology is helping kids and I agree with that. Having a chrome book definitely helps me out a lot. One thing that is not happening at our school is the independence part. This is because we do not get to pick what we learn. After watching this video I learned that with this experiment he proved that kids can now learn without a teachers presents.

  10. After watching the video I have realized that many students would not be giving this freedom to learn on their own like these kids did and even though they weren’t informed of anything of this they somehow leanred it somewhat together furthermore they tried to solve the problems giving to them by helping eachother and if one of them knew how to do it they would.

  11. In Sugatra Mitra’s hole in the wall experiment we see hime put a computer in a small village in some remote country. He does not tell the children how to use it or what it is, but lets them figure everything out. After doing this he saw the children were able use the computer and each do their own individual activities. After he did this he was saw results so he conducted another experiment, he put one computer in a class room programed in english, not the native tongue of the children, and hired someone to sit and watch them while encouraging them. He called this the grandma method and after a month he gave the students a test on the information, most students got a 50. Which is impressive considering they had no knowledge on this topic prior to getting the computer. These tests proved students don’t need a teacher to teach them, all they need something to find the information.

  12. During his experiments we can see that children are learning on their own with no supervision and no experience. the kids learn what they can based on what they are interested in instead of a strict plan that they have no interest in. I think that this is not happening in schools at all today. nothing is learned freely kids must memorize everything that is fed to them by a specific date. Students would learn better if they could pick what they learned or at least some of what they learn. the best we have are electives which still follow strict programs and also have credit requirements pushing students to take certain ones. Information would be better retained if students were able to be interested in topics they were studying.

  13. In today’s generation of education, the utilization of technology in our classrooms is increasing every year. For example, Chromebooks have become more and more important when it comes to how many students today are learning. Not only that, but by giving students the technology to research almost any topic in the world, it allows them to not only teach themselves, but also help teach others if they’re motivated by curiosity and peer interest.

  14. After watching the video flying solo, I realised that students can learn by themselves if there motivated and other people are interested in learning. If people that don’t have motivation or don’t have any way of learning. Bur in this video it showed that when kids are left with a small piece of technology the students used to it to make a big impact on there education. Theses tests are now used to prove students don’t need teachers to teach them, all they need in some sort of technology.

  15. After watching the video I had noticed that a great number of students wouldn’t be giving this freedom to learn on their own like these kids did and even though they weren’t informed about any of this, they somehow learned it together, furthermore, they tried to solve the problems given to them by helping each other and if one of them knew how to do it they would.

  16. After watching the flying solo video I noticed that the kids in the video became curious about the new device in their town and wanted to learn everything they could about it. Kids in the US are told how to use everything they would ever need to use from another person and it has basically grinded into their memories that if they don’t know how to do something that someone will come along and tell them how to do it. However these kids in the video learn how to use everything that the computer has to offer and it shows me that children can learn how to do anything as long as they are curious enough and want to learn how to do/use that thing

  17. after watching the video I noticed how the children in the video were very curious about the new things introduced to them, they wanted to learn everything the could. the kids learned how to operate the computer on their own. this shows me how kids can be curious even if they don’t know anything about what is placed before them. I noticed how they learned everything on their own and even taught each other to learn new things

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