Modern Short Story Assignment

By June 11th you will have read 6 short stories and written 6 hypertext reviews that discuss the use of modernistic elements contained in them.

Use these books:

and this list of online texts:


  • There are 2 parts to theonline, hypertextreview:

a. a short summary of the story. Put this in a paragraph that you call SUMMARY.

b. a critical response essay. Be sure to have links in the essay (that’s what makes it hypertext).

  • Comment on themes, styles, characterization, etc.
  • Two essays must be published online by  June 1, 8, and 11th.
  • Do not read more than 3 stories from the same book.

In order to do “A” work on the essays, you will need to focus onelements of modernismthat you learned from the art lessons and apply them to the short story response essays.

  • Youmust use references to otherliterary analysisyou find to help you support comments made in the response essays.Look for critical reviews that focus on the title, the author or on modern literature.
  • A typical strategy for each short story would be to:
    1. read the story.
    2. discuss the story with fellow classmates.
    3. read a critical analysis of the work/author/genre/time period from Internet research.
    4. Websites that can help
    5. incorporate supporting details from the critical analysis into your final draft.
  • I will be discussing certain matters relating to Modernism in class and we will be speaking constantly about your progress on these short stories and on the work.

We will cover these stories in class:“The Fly”by Katherine MansfieldA Telephone Callby DOROTHY PARKERCritical Review of “A Telephone Call”

Hills Like White Elephantsby ERNEST HEMINGWAY

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