Intro to Philosophy



Unit One:  Arguments, Fallacies, and Propaganda

Required Reading: Nonsense by Robert J. Gula

“The answer is a philosophy.” (Solomon)

Before we have an argument…

Unit Two:  The Big Questions Sessions  (1-8)

Required Reading: Examined Lives by James Miller

Sixteen Big Questions (Philosophical questions):

BQ Padlet

Unit Three: The Big Questions Sessions (9-16)

Midterm Exam

Philosophy Day (February 2018)

Unit Four: The Awakened Life

Required Reading: Choose from one of the following:
  • Excerpts from Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman
  • Waiting for Godot by Samual Beckett

Waking Life Assessment

Unit Five:  Eastern Philosophy

Required Reading: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse


Unit Six: Examining Life (Independent Project)

Final Exam


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