The Future of Learning in a Networked Society

Log in to edublogs and then, in the comments section of this post, offer some ideas about your present and/or future use of technology in the social media age.

  1. What will it look like?
  2. What impact is it making/will it make in society?
  3. What do/will you use it for:
  • Entertainment?
  • Commerce(aka shopping)?
  • Chatting?
  • Sharing life moments?
  • Academic, political or religious discourse?
  • Any other things?
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The Myths and Opportunities of Technology in the Classroom

Log in to edublogs, watch the video,  and then respond to the questions in the comments section below this post.

  1. Does technology engage or distract our society?
  2. Have teachers been successful in relinquishing control in their classrooms so that students can collaborate and learn together?
  3. Have people learned how to use it responsibly and productively?
  4. Since this video by Alan November came out in 2009(2009!), how far have we really come? 

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Welcome to Turtola’s Class!


Parent/Student Handbook 2019-20

High School Communication Path:

  1.  Teacher
  2. School Counselor
  3. Dean of Students
  4. Assistant Principal
  5. Principal

Full Year Courses:

  • First marking period 20%
  • Second marking period 20%
  • Midterm Exam 10%
  • Third marking period 20%
  • Fourth marking period 20%
  • Second semester exam 10%

District Cell phone Policy

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