OMAM Performance Task

  • In this project you will find songs, from a variety of genres, that portray different ideas of the American Dream and make a playlist from this website.
  • You will need to explain how each song addresses a dream and decide, according to the artist, whether or not this dream is attainable.
  • Support your claims with specific references to the lyrics.

Goal: For this presentation you will create a playlist of music and a written analysis that compares your chosen songs to the text.

Role: Your job is to demonstrate that you understand the unit’s essential questions.

Audience: Your work will be placed on your blog on a page called Of Mice and Men and will be accessible to the general public. Embed the code of the playlist you created onto the page so the songs can be heard from your website.

Situation: The challenge involves synthesizing and connecting the text to the unit’s essential questions with other media.

Product Performance and Purpose: to prepare, publish and present work appropriate to an unknown public audience, purpose and task.

Your work will be judged on your awareness of task, understanding of concepts, reflection and analysis, and meaningful associations.


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