1. More scenes needed—More scenes are needed to understand how the conflict/plo developed to this point, what happens in the scene, or what happens next.
  2. Unnecessary information—Information provided in the scene does not help us learn about the characters in a meaningful way. Excessive details muddle the story and detract from the plot line.
  3. Settings change too fast—There are two many mini-scenes which might be more effective if combined into a few larger scenes in one or two locations.
  4. Setting is not specific enough—More details are needed to let the audience know the location—character reference, set dressing, etc.
  5. Special effects—The scenes are more feasible for film or television (i.e. they contain car chases, jumping from one elaborate location to another, large explosions).

Questions for the Playwright to ask:

  • What happened before this?
  • What happens next?
  • When does the scene take place?
  • What can be done in this scene to further the story/plot?
  • Why does this action have to happen here?
  • What story does the scene tell?
  • What information do we get from this scene?
  • How do the characters feel in this scene? How might they show it through their actions?
  • What is this character doing when…?
  • What else could this character have been doing?
  • What other things could happen in this scene?
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