Restoration Period- Satire and Irony

Restoration Period Quiz

For starters, create 2 new pages called Restoration Period (Lit History Project is the  parent page) and Restoration/Satire (Restoration Period is the parent page ).

Your annotated bibliography and powerpoint presentation should be placed on a new page called Restoration Period. Be sure to also add a link to the Literary History page.

The Restoration period was marked by an advance in colonization and overseas trade, by the Dutch Wars, by the great plague (1665) and the great fire of London (1666), by the birth of the Whig and Tory parties, and by the Popish Plot and other manifestations of anti-Catholicism.

Historical Background (Read this, be ready for a quiz)


Find examples of political, religious and social satire and put them on a new blog page you call Restoration/Satire.

The Satire Worksheet (complete this and put onto a new page)

Jonathan Swift



  1. Read “The Unknown Citizen”
  2. Listen to it.
  3. Replicate and analyze the poem and put your responses onto a new blog page called “The Unknown Citizen”.
The Music

  • Read the lyrics to Born in the USA
  • Write a fully developed, MLA styled essay or create a multimedia wiki that explains how and why satire was used in these songs and any other ones that you wish to include. You MUST include at least two more songs. Remember, focus not on the fact that satire WAS used, but on HOW and WHY satire was used in these songs. Due May 18th, final draft due at final exam.

More music:

hero-of-war-by-rise-against lyrics.

We Made You lyrics



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