The grading policy, unchanged.

Grading Policy

from the Parent-Student Handbook on page 19:

  • In all learning experiences, students are expected to engage actively putting forth their best efforts in accordance with expectations and due dates.
  • Students are expected at all grades and levels to take an active role in monitoring and reflecting on their own academic progress.
  • Students are expected to take advantage of clearly identified and accessible supports for additional learning opportunities as needed to help them both reach and demonstrate mastery.
  • Students who are struggling to demonstrate mastery, refusing to engage in work, repeatedly handing in work late, and/or in need of three or more retake opportunities within a grading period, will be reviewed by teachers, guidance staff, and/or administrators.


Grades 10, 11 and 12:

— Generally no quizzes or tests. Mostly projects like presentations, writing prompts, and essays.

— Assignments not completed or handed in on time will be accepted within two days or less and penalized up to 10%.

— Assignments not submitted within two days will be accepted after that time for 60% credit.

— Assignments will not be accepted beyond the term of the unit of study and will receive a zero grade.

–Students may revise an essay for a better grade only after attending a writing conference with Mr. Turtola.


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