the “marshmallow problem”

3 thoughts on “the “marshmallow problem”

  1. I feel like when i was little they had us try somthing similar to this, but I dont remember it clearly. I think we used gumdrops and spagetti. Anyways, I found it interesting how more kindergarten children than business school students were able to build successful structures. Studies on the developement of the mind have proven how creativity is at its peak in our younger ages. What happens to our creativity as we age? I also found this kind of neat because I am planning to major in engineering in college and as I was watching this I was waiting for him to say something about engineers hahah

  2. i also wanted to add how he makes a good point about collaboration. kindergarten children are in a different environment than business school students. how they communicate may be in fluenced by their surroundings, just like why different cultures develop their own ideas and beleifs. our environment really affects how we think.

  3. I actually remember doing something similar to this when I was younger as well! I was with a group of students I had never met before so it was a form of a team building activity. This man has a great point about how people have to establish a position of leadership and planning. From what I remember in the exercise I did, the groups who didn’t plan and just started working were the most successful. I was really confused by this because my group was one that planned first and struggled. This just shows that sometimes the best outcomes come from trial and error. I think this is a design strategy that is commonly forgotten because of peoples natural fear of failure. I think that if the trial and error method were implemented more often in life we could have better developed products!

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