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  1. mr. turtola, do you honestly believe that cell phones will one day be established somehow in the school curriculum?

  2. Mr. Turtola is a TV star now, bringing style to Foran High. I still feel that they will never unblock facebook or let us use our cell phones. It just seems too unlikely.

  3. Yes, Rachel and Wes, cell phone and facebook use aren’t likely to be accepted for school as we use them now. I think cell phones will eventually be much different and can become an established tool for learning. Ipads and kindles seem to be the way we are going and who knows? They may just replace your textbooks and other cumbersome hardware like desktop computers and laptops. Of course when it comes to preparing people to use technology, there is a frustration in that we don’t know exactly what the tech will be in three, four or even five years from now.

  4. They should just let us use it now! I mean, why are administraters such techno-phos? We should at least be able to listen to ipods in study hall

  5. If you use it the right way there should’nt be a problem and the fact is most people use there things in the right way however the school views the small minority as the source of the issue and chooses the laziest and easiest answer to a relatively simple problem. They allow the minority to ruin it for the entire majority.

  6. Aside from watching a strange physical therapy intro to the video, I think that not being able to use facebook and twitter in school is ridiculous. We don’t have direct access to computers in many of our classes anyways and using our blogs is just like using facebook and twitter. Its interactive fun and lerning. Embrace it!

  7. I don’t understand the point of keeping us from using our phones in school.. even our ipods in study halls?! I understand the point of having all phones away during tests but not all the time. You’re only hurting yourself by not paying attention and possibly texting your friends; welcome to the real world in college no ones gonna be there to keep you on track we might as well be given the freedom now to learn how to deal with it responsibly. like all things some will be successful with this and other’s will not. I talked to my sister who is in college now, she thinks high school really isn’t setting us up for life after high school. Treat us like adults, maybe our actions will surprise you.

  8. I agree with Andrew 100 percent! It is ridiculous that we aren’t allowed to use sites such as facebook and twitter in school, or for that matter, our cell phones. The truth is that we actually do find ways to use these sites in school and every now and then, I do use my cell phone (yes, I’m such a rebel) But seriously, we are in 2010 almost 2011. Our whole lives are basically wrapped around technology now and the only reason people think it’s such a negative thing is just because it’s different. Hopefully it will eventually be tied in with school to get a more up to date education.

  9. Hey Paul T. this is Paul Stengel. Nice job for this news spot on using new media in the classroom. This blog has come a long way. Your students have some insightful comments, which is the sign of some good instruction on your part. Great work indeed.


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