winning isn’t everything, but doesn’t it feel good?

six of the scholars from the fall creative writing class have been selected to have their poems published in an anthology called “A Celebration of Poets”.  While guaranteed to be published, these students are also eligible for a cash prize if they are selected as a “top ten poet” in their age bracket. 

here are the winners:

lindsay a.  grade 12   “planet”
tyler d. grade 12 “tornado”
sara m. grade 11 “the color of democracy”
gina s. grade 12 “i love you”
rachel w. grade 12 “a phone”
kelly z. grade 12 “struck by surprise”


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3 thoughts on “winning isn’t everything, but doesn’t it feel good?

  1. you put the wrong poem as my entry, it was this one
    makes me think of the end of fascism
    like when Hitler took the cyanide
    in a final end to the apocalypse.

    sara– that’s the whole poem?

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