17 thoughts on “English One”

  1. Mr. Turtola, can you tell us how to change the size of the voicethread? I can’t view most of them, including my self

  2. hey mr. turtola, this is my account and i never had nadinen94.
    you said it was okay if i keep this one but i dont know how to get onto this list other than just telling you…

  3. mr.turtola i never got that email that i was suppose to get to request me onto this blog. i dont know why.

  4. mr. turtola on the quizlet tkam page how do you get all of the scores to become a top user

  5. Hey everyone…Can’t wait for tomorrow when you all try my Apple Crisp…Hope you like it as much as I do

  6. Can anyone tell me how to get to the page with the notes for the plot of a story???? I can’t remember how to get to it!!!

  7. hey mr. turtola ……. i just wanted to let you know that i changed the settings on my google docs ……. all of the documents are public now.

  8. Mr. turtola, all the missing assignments are on my BLog. Please check them out soon.

  9. My Cask of Amontillado links are updated from before, in case you didn’t notice before.

  10. My things are all on my blog and the links are correct. can you please check it and update my grade. Thank you

  11. hey Mr. T have you added the list for subscibtion for english one yet

  12. Mr, turtola i did my critique but i am attempting to record my voice and having problems.

  13. Hello, Mr. Turtola just letting you know that all my Acts from Romeo and Juliet are posted on my blog and are shared. It’s on my Romeo and Juliet page. Also, still waiting on the extra credit that’s supposed to be on quarter 3 thanks.

  14. By the way. The extra credit was the to memorize one of shakespear’s sonnet. Sonnet 124

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