Blog Post Assignment for May 6th (A Day)


     This blog post assignment is also the Unit 5 performance task for English 3 students.

     Now that you have studied a character from The Canterbury Tales, read his/her tale, and identified what is satiric about the piece,  find a modern day equivalent that encapsulates a similar theme or concept from the Canterbury tale.

     In a multimodal package, gather pieces that explain how this modern example is the equivalent of the tale you presented. There must be a 500 word, Google document that explains this comparison in addition to other pieces of media that you select.

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The Blog Post Assignment– Due on B Day!


Language and Lit:

Blog Post Assignment/Prompt (20 points)

What are your fences?

  • In a new multi-modal blog post, create a package of text, images, art, sound and video that answers this question by expressing the metaphorical meaning of the word fences.
  • In your text document of no less than 150 words, develop paragraphs that begin with abstract language (generalities, ideas) that lead to more concrete examples and details (specific things, people and events).
  • We will view these in class.
  • If you were in a group that was exempt from the next blog post, do the text document only for full credit.

English 2:

  • Define the term transcendence by creating a  multi-modal blog post. Create a package of text, images, art, sound and video to convey your definition.
  • We will view these in class.


  • Tell a funny story.
  • Using the elements of plot, substitute conflict or problem with an entertaining dilemma or situation that the protagonist must endure.
  • Create a multi-modal blog post. Create a package of text, images, art, sound and video to convey your story.
  • We will view these in class.


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The grading policy, unchanged.

Grading Policy

from the Parent-Student Handbook on page 19:

  • In all learning experiences, students are expected to engage actively putting forth their best efforts in accordance with expectations and due dates.
  • Students are expected at all grades and levels to take an active role in monitoring and reflecting on their own academic progress.
  • Students are expected to take advantage of clearly identified and accessible supports for additional learning opportunities as needed to help them both reach and demonstrate mastery.
  • Students who are struggling to demonstrate mastery, refusing to engage in work, repeatedly handing in work late, and/or in need of three or more retake opportunities within a grading period, will be reviewed by teachers, guidance staff, and/or administrators.


Grades 10, 11 and 12:

— Generally no quizzes or tests. Mostly projects like presentations, writing prompts, and essays.

— Assignments not completed or handed in on time will be accepted within two days or less and penalized up to 10%.

— Assignments not submitted within two days will be accepted after that time for 60% credit.

— Assignments will not be accepted beyond the term of the unit of study and will receive a zero grade.

–Students may revise an essay for a better grade only after attending a writing conference with Mr. Turtola.

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