“It is a sad day for children.”

7 thoughts on ““It is a sad day for children.”

  1. I felt like this video held numerous falacies, whats the meeting to discuss different differentiable topics? It seems to me that the video was in support of teaching students in a way that is MOST accessable to them. For us that would be technology and modern day methods of communication. If teachers reached out to a more accessable method of teaching, then they could focus more on the material. Thats why mr. t’s the shizzzz.

  2. This is weird, i’m actually really confused on what this is about. The voices and video is really distracting.

  3. I think the video is trying to say that school faculty should spend less time coming up with new ideas to teach kids better and more time executing those ideas. My question is; why is Jason from Friday the 13th a teacher?

  4. past the distraction that the voices and the people in the video created…. I still have no idea what it is that the content of this video is trying to iterate to us. I am really confused as to what each of their plans to differentiate actually is trying to relay to the viewer.

    Would like to give a substantial opinion about this video but can someone just give me some idea of what it is that it is trying to explain/demonstrate?
    Thanks a lot

  5. I agree with molly….. what? Whyyyy is he in a bloody mask? And what mandatory “meetings consist” of only two people?

    however, “He just has shoulders and a neck but no head… he keeps running into things.” …BAHAHA

    also, the vulgarity at 4:10, inappropriate mr. t.

  6. this video is a parody on differentiation in school instruction and is a quasi-typical dialogue between a teacher and her administrator. much of the jargon used is confusing to students, teachers and administrators and continues to baffle most people as they struggle to make sense of these new paradigms in education.although a bit of a stretch (i don’t foresee mr. young wearing a jason mask anytime soon), it humorously shows a slice of the professional life educators deal with while trying to prepare students for a 21st century education.

  7. I feel that the information in the video is useful, however the distracting and slightly sidetracked way in which it is prevented is hindering it. The voices could be got past, however the jason mask, the length of time devoted to discussing the mandatory two person “meeting” and the student without a head could have been removed. (I have considered the possibility of the headless student as a metaphor, however as it is used in effectively, I don’t see any real reason to keep it.) I understand its topic; how do we make classrooms more accessible for slower students, but keep it challenging enough for those who master concepts quickly. I don’t think it offered any useful solutions to the problem it explained, and only served to possibly confuse the viewer further.

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