Waking Life Essay Assessment


Everything You Need to Know About Lucid Dreaming

The Essay by Doug Mann

Scene Summaries

“When René Descartes sat at his stove and meditated on the world and on whether an evil demon controlled everything he perceived, he wondered, what’s more real, dreams or waking life? The diverse collection of characters in Linklater’s film ask the same question. Yet they ask it not just in a literal sense, but also as a metaphor for the nature of modern culture and for the human condition as a whole – in what ways do we fall asleep even while awake?

     How can we lead a life that is more awake, more aware of people and things, more authentic?

The film provides the outlines of three wake-up calls to three more-or-less separate ways in which we sleep too easily.” (Doug Mann)

  • In a 1000 word essay to be published on your blog, attempt to answer the question of how we can lead a life that is more awake and more aware of people and things in an authentic way.
  • Use the essay as support for what you say often, but also include your own thoughts and answers you researched in the past few weeks of studying scenes from the film.
  • Due on the blog by May 11th.
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