Sonnet Assignment


How to Analyze Shakespeare’s Sonnets
An Outline of the Contents of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Sonnet No. 3 

Sonnet 29

You may also want to read and analyze Sonnet 1Sonnet 18Sonnet 29, and Sonnet 130.

  • In the first paragraph, share a brief summary about the sonnet.
  • In the next paragraph, share literary devices you found in the sonnets (such as personification, alliteration, symbolism, metaphor, repetition, etc.)
  • In the next paragraph, explain the purpose for each device.
  • In the last paragraph, identify any religious references and references to Shakespeare’s life and times in the sonnets.

Part B 

Create your own sonnet: (40 points)

Create a “Love for FHS”  Sonnet

Follow the sonnet requirements:

  • 14 lines,
  • abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme,
  • 10 syllables per line,
  • poetic techniques such as imagery, personification, alliteration, metaphor, simile, etc.).

In this sonnet, reflect on your year at Foran HS.  Share what you love–friendships, classes, activities–clubs/sports, trips, teachers, etc. If you choose to, you can be serious, comical,  and/or reflective. But, most of all, be creative and follow the sonnet requirements.

Part C

Recite a sonnet.  Memorize either a Shakespearean sonnet or the one you created and perform it to the class. You may recite this live or in a video shown in class.


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