Unit 3 Individual Flaws Exacerbated by Nature or Nurture

Unit Syllabus

Need some extra help understanding the play? Start with this website.


Studying the play and how to write about it (my favorite website for learners new to Shakespeare)


  1.  Reading Shakespeare’s Language Response
  2. Ambition Activity   Casting Crowns – American Dream (with lyrics)_1
  3. Pre-Reading Question
  4. Holinshed’s Macbeth HW
  5. Macbeth Questions
  6. Letter to Lady Macbeth
  7. Sc.7 Soliloquy Response
  8. Act II Scene 1 Crossword
  9. http://www.teachit.co.uk/custom_content/online/m21x.asp
  10. II. 3 Metaphors Essay
  11. Act 3 character comparison
  12. Characters
  13. Theme
  14. Choices/Change
  15. Setting

Other assignments:

Scavenger Hunt

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7 thoughts on “Unit 3 Individual Flaws Exacerbated by Nature or Nurture

  1. I can’t load Assignment #10, and I’ve tried on Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. And it says the file can’t be opened

  2. amazing how you scholars have written an essay that keeps repeating the fact that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have reversed roles and have not commented as to how they have done so.

    when you are asked to explain, compare or describe, do not feel that all you need to do is verify the premise. you must go beyond the first idea and get into some depth about the how’s and why’s of it. your “a” depends on it.

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