About Mr. T



A few facts about Paul Turtola:

  • has been a teacher since 1993.
  • presently teaches English at Joseph A. Foran High School in Milford CT.
  • has degrees in Drama (BFA Performance, Hofstra University) and English (MS English with Certification, SCSU).
  • was a fellow for six years at Yale University with the Yale-New Haven Teachers’ Institute and wrote curriculum units there.
  • enjoys blues music and classic rock.
  • is an avid golfer.
  • is a fan of the NY Yankees, Oakland Raiders, UConn Huskies, NY Knicks and NY Rangers.

 To motivate student learning, he uses technology in all of his classes (CyberEnglish) and has presented his work at various national conferences.


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4 thoughts on “About Mr. T”

  1. Hi, I really like your blogsite. I’m signing up with Edublogs but I don’t see anything they offer that looks as nice as yours. How did you get all the links on your home page? Pat

  2. the links are really pages i have created over the years. some began as webpages from my school website, but when i switched to edublogs, i transfered them into blog pages. many people use blogs for posts but i tend to use it more like a class website. thanks for your feedback and if i can assist you in your blog, please let me know.

  3. I finished the test and it is on my page in edublogs like you told us. I just wanted to let you know

  4. Hello from Vancouver, Canada. Just started my grade 11 students on a blog (each) linked to mine:
    They have started by creatively blogging about Merchant of Venice, and a few other things too.
    It would be nice for our classes to comment on each other’s posts sometimes . . .
    Great blog! I will watch and learn!!

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