The Future of Learning in a Networked Society

Offer some ideas about your present and/or future use of technology in the social media age and what impact it is making/will make in society.

What do you use it for:


Commerce(aka shopping)?


Sharing life moments?

Academic, political or religious discourse?

Any other reasons?


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51 thoughts on “The Future of Learning in a Networked Society

  1. Present day and future technology is impacting and will impact everyone. When thinking about social media and what impacts it has made, I have mixed emotions about it. It can be overused and used in a proper manner. But it can also have an impact on a person’s overall life and self-esteem. Opening up these opportunities for children to use these tools for the first time is eye-opening and will take a while to adjust to. And failing comes before the success of it all. The guy in the video made a good point and it made me think. I am always prepared for a test and a quiz because I am prepared, but the world gives us surprises every day. So what am I gonna use in the real world, if we are taking standardized tests? I use technology for my learning and entertainment, and every day I learn something new. By considering the interests of the students, you will see better results. The overall future of learning is with the use of technology and will further every student’s skills. Being supported in your learning can make a huge change in history.

  2. The technology now and in the present has an extreme impact on my life and others in the world. Social media has so many positives and negative effects on the people who choose to use it. A positive impact is the communication and the entertainment it has on the world and the ones who use it. But, social media is also a perfect way people can choose to cyber-bully others. This can change a person’s self esteem and how they think about themselves. Others might think it is a perfect way to capture life’s moments and look back on them in the future. I personally use to help my education understandings and for entertainment. It can be a great resource for the world but also has its negatives.

  3. Personally, I don’t have social media, so it doesn’t really have an impact on my life, and I’m not sure how it would impact me. However, I’ve observed social media’s affects on other people. I’ve seen people hurt others, and I’ve seen people get hurt, and while this may have happened otherwise, social media gave the attacker a platform and an opportunity that he or she would not have otherwise had. I’ve seen people use social media in a way that disconnected them from reality and from living their lives in a meaningful way. For example, I once had a friend who would livestream on Instagram literally all the time, even when we were talking. As a result, I stopped being able to have private conversations with her, and we grew apart. Instagram seemed to make it so she couldn’t differentiate between meaningful and meaningless experiences. Social media makes people more prone to focus on what other people will think, instead of their own experience of life in the present. However, it is important to remember that social media isn’t the only form of digital technology out there. Technology outside of social media, such as Netflix, can be a source of entertainment, but if people use technology to entertain themselves all the time, they’ll never go out and experience life. Technology can also be used in education, and will quite possibly be further integrated into learning in the future. As it says in the video, current and past educational methods have become tired and boring. Standardized tests and grouping students has made education robotic and detrimental to learning. However, this may be less due to the lack of technology and more due to the rigid teaching structure. As Mitra says, “Any teacher who can be replaced by technology should be.” With no guidance, it is very unlikely that technology would be helpful to education. An important part of learning and growth is interaction, so technology or online education could never replace going to school. However, if teachers were to allow students to use technology to pursue their own interests, and not to find the answer to whatever questions the teacher gives them, education will improve tremendously. As the video explains, life is full of surprises. Why should a student use a computer to find the answers to a teacher’s question? Instead, students should find something that interests them, teach themself about it, ask the teacher for help if needed, and share their knowledge with other students.

  4. I personally have just gotten social media. It has its ups and downs social media is a great way for communication and sharing experiences with friends. Some see social media as a distraction where it takes away from people educations. Social media has also opened up an opportunity for cyber bullying people are willing to say cruel things if they are behind a screen. Apps like Snapchat or Instagram can take away time people spend with family and can take away peoples skill to have a real conversation and not just text. I’m not saying texting is bad, I text all the time, but i’m saying sometimes we get caught up in a world where we get stuck on our phones texting when their is someone else to talk to face to face and build a friendship with. Technology has made a positive affect on our entertainment. Technology allows us to watch shows/movies or chat on the go. This can be seen as a distraction in schools when in a classroom. Other electronics in schools such as chrome books are used for educational purposes. We can write essays and make slide shows, etc. on a chrome book, but we are so used to using them we don’t take for granted what we have. In another video we see a man who put a computer in a wall and the children in India learned to use it and were excited about learning, because they had never had the opportunity to before. Technology can have such a positive influence on education if we are grateful for it and use it responsibly. In schools teachers get to choose what we learn, if only they would let a child choose what he or she wants to learn then the child will have interest. If people have interest they won’t be stuck on devices when they don’t need to be. The video asks then why do we need a teacher? the teacher is necessary for moral support. The teacher should provoke the student and ask him deep questions about their topics of interest. Social media has information about politics, religion, etc. we can get caught up looking at so much stuff online that we don’t make our own decision on what we believe is right, and we might go with the crowd and not let our voice be heard because your when your not behind a screen on your phone you don’t know how to speak up.

  5. Personally, I have had a good experience with social media. It has allowed me to meet new people, express myself, and find new interests. Social media can be a very useful tool for anyone and it is greatly impacting society. However, if used improperly, it can be dangerous. When using social media, one should be careful with the decisions they choose to make. Meaning, it is not okay to release to much personal information. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone on social media is who they say they are. Social media can also lead to cyber bullying which can cause a person to have a lower self-esteem. Everyday, the technology within social media is changing. These changes can and will impact society for the better. If these changes continue moving in a positive direction, this technology can become a very useful tool for it’s users.

  6. Technology affects my everyday life majorly just as it does for a lot of others. This impacts can either be positive, when you use it as a tool or negative if you use it as a distraction. Most people use technology for social media, which also has its positives and negatives. Its positive side mostly comes from the idea of being able to communicate more efficiently and the idea of being able to post something and a wide range of people being able to see it. But, social media can be a distraction in school during classes and, it can affect someone’s self-esteem. I personally use it in a positive way and it helps me when I’m not able to talk to someone face to face or if I want a lot of people to see something especially if there is a group project and not everyone can meet at one time. Some people say that there is no way that technology, specifically social media, can help in classrooms but, if educators try and find a way to implement it into schoolings, as the video said, students will use it for good and will have the motivation to learn because social media relates to them. Motivation is key when it comes to education because when students have the impulse to learn then the learning will happen.

  7. Technology affects everyday life majorly as it does for me. The impact that it puts on people can either be positive, when you use it as a tool or negative, if you use it as a distraction. Personally I use technology for social media as it has many different functions. For one social media has many different texting functions were I can communicate with my friends. I can also meet new people and some people that I might even go to school with. Posting also can help advertise important information I want to get out, because so many people see the post each day. But, social media can be a distraction in school during classes and, it can affect someone’s self-esteem. Nowadays there is so much fake news, some people don’t even know what to believe when they see it, and there is also the factor of predators which is why accounts should always be set to private, and individuals should watch out for who they meet on certain sites and apps. In the end, social media is a helpful source, which gives kids a lot of power right at their fingertips.

  8. Technology affects my life everyday in a positive way. During the day, I use my phone for social media, to look something up that I don’t know, or to text someone. For me, social media has a great impact on me because it gives me a way to interact with my friends, look at cool posts and share my thoughts with others. For me, I know what the dangers of social media are and I know what may happen if I do something bad. Although I know there are dangers, I know how to be safe which makes social media fine and very fun. Also, having a phone can provide many opportunities that I did not have before. I can study for quizzes, look up any information I’m having trouble with for my homework, etc. With all the apps that I have I can do so much more that wasn’t available a few years ago. Through all of this good, there can be a lot of bad. Bad people can use social media as a platform to get all of your information and how to attack you. They can find out all of your personal information if you don’t keep it private. But if you do keep it private, and only accept follow requests from people you know then you’ll be fine. Social media is really great if you use it the right and safe way because it can be lots of fun talking to your peers and posting things you like. But if you use it the wrong way, it can be bad. As long as you use it right, you’ll be fine and have a great time. It will have a great impact on you.

  9. Most people around the world use technology to communicate in some way. Communication also crosses over the field of social media. Although technology has improved our ability to interact with others, it has also put many people danger. Using this technology gives off an address that can be tracked right back to the exact spot on the planet where that person is. It also reveals personal information about a person, because maybe someone posted a comment and in linked their account to it. Also, the internet holds onto everything it has ever “seen”. If a text is sent and then deleted, it is still recoverable.

  10. Technology has a big impact on society. It is used for many things. I use social media. I use social media to communicate and to be updated on other people’s lives. I talk to a lot of people on social media about a lot of things. If I need to know about homework, I will even ask that to my friends on social media. Some people think social media is bad, because some people use it too often and don’t talk to people in real life. It depends on how you look at it, it can be good or bad. People can also use social media to shop or sell, to advertise, to find or express new interests. There are many different uses for social media, not all of them are good, but it has changed many things in the world.

  11. We live in a world of different types of technology. It surrounds us and molds the way we function in everyday life. New technology, especially the cell phones, consumes today’s teens and adults to the point where it can become impossible to even use the restroom without a screen in hand. Cell phones have brought a new addiction upon the human race as teens cannot seem to go a day without their cellular device and this has affected me because I too am slowly becoming addicted. It happens to pretty much every teen in this day and age, which is upsetting, but is now affecting me in small ways. For example; I now cannot clean my room without a Netflix show playing in the background because it becomes “too boring”. I can’t even hangout with my friends without them getting bored with me and turning to their phone for a source of entertainment. It is strange however, because before a child had a phone, they were okay with finding something to do and boredom was just a way to find something new to do. Once the phone epidemic blew up, kids can no longer be bored. The option of being bored terrifies today’s teens and that is where things can go wrong. When it comes to the point where teens can’t go a few hours without a phone, an issue can be present. The impact of phones have had some positive effects but most are negative. Technology has both had positive and negative impacts, however, social medias and overall cell phone usage will come to backfire on a later date.

  12. Technology in modern times impacts humanity greatly. The advancement of technology affects society positively and negatively. Social media is very controversial as to whether kids should have it or not. Social media is mainly used for entertainment. Although, posts can have negative comments. These comments are made by biased individuals and change ways people view themselves. I can personally relate to having people hide behind a screen while making negative comments towards me. Yet, this does not really affect me. This is because I know that the people who are commenting on others looks are insecure themselves. These individuals feel the need to bring others down in an attempt to bring themselves up. Individuals should never have to experience the hatred people bring through social media. The people who are being targeted on social media sites may see themselves differently. They can see themselves either to be stronger than before or as how the individuals with rude comments see them. For example, fat or skinny shamming is a popular occurrence on social media. If an individuals were to call someone too skinny, they would most likely be implying they are anorexic. Society sometimes does not realize the impact words have on individuals, even if the people commenting are too afraid to say it in person. The person being targeted may feel as though they are worthless and disliked throughout their friend group. They may spiral into doing things they may regret later. Although, people who do not listen to negative comments feel the exact opposite. They feel as though they have grown as an individual and become stronger. These people know that useless comments made through texts are worthless and do not personally mean anything. Social media affects society and humanity in may different way. It can change people’s view on themselves or other individuals.

  13. Today, social media is used for a variety of reasons. Mainly, social media today is used for entertainment and sharing life moments. Additionally, lots of people also use it to gain attention and making them feel good as a person. The technology is being over used and abused. People take advantage of social media but some people just use it as it should be used. It depends on the person who used technology on how they use it. But, the majority of people in society do use social media regularly and share a lot of their life. Some practically live on their social media. It gets to the point where people can’t live without it and have to have their phones by them 24/7 so they can be able to access their social media accounts. The impact on society is that lots of people are constantly on their phones these days because they are on social media. Additionally, social media can make people become very self-centered and obsessed with themselves. People may start to compare themselves to others and may start doubting themselves. But, social media also has good impacts. People are able to share their lives and be creative and free on their accounts. They may get positive feedback from others and may make new connections and friendships with people. Social media can go both ways, it can tear people apart but also bring them together. But, there are others who don’t have technology at all. It all depends on the person and how they view social media and how they will decide to use it.

  14. So Far.Technology/electronics has made so many positive impacts. It has made people more connected, people can get answers more easily if they are ever wondering something and no one else knows the answer (like a research project). But it also has some negatives. There are a lot of dangerous people online who may want to harm you. Or there is a lot of cyber-bullying, which can really harm an individual’s self confidence. When looking up things, some websites may not be reliable because they could be answered by someone who may not know what they’re talking about. So, technology highly affects society positively and negatively.

  15. Technology has opened many opportunities for people to achieve the goals they desire, especially in the social media era we are living in now. I, and millions of others, use technology for many aspects of life, such as entertainment, commerce, political discourses, and just sharing great moments with friends. I believe technology and social media have made our world a much better place. We can communicate with friends and family across the globe, but this not only benefits the people, it benefits governments and countries in terms of communication and political and military power. While social media isn’t perfect, it allows everyone on the planet to educate themselves and find all the answers to the questions they have, and much more. And I believe that technology can only improve from here and it should. Technology has made society great, and it will make it better with enough time.

  16. Social media technology, like everything, has its pros and cons. One of the pros is it allows easy and cheap communication over long distances. A con of this communication is that it has begun to consume peoples lives and controls people to an extent. One example of the danger of social media is the controversy sorounding Facebook and their collection and sale of peoples personal data. The people who run Facebook were lead to believe they could control us sell our data and not face the consequences. This shows the immense danger of social media because behind these works of technology there is greed, just like behind any work of business.

  17. In this world, technology is one of the biggest concepts and phenomenon that has sweeped the planet. Everyone has cell phones, everyone has computers, almost everyone has social media. It shocks people and confuses them when someone says they do not have those things. Our cars have GPS, Our homes have alexas, and our schools are handing out chromebooks. I find the claim that technology is bad or harmful to society pointless. The world has already been so dependent on technology, it’s silly to think we can go back now. The worry that now presents it’s self is how we must control ourselves. We already see people being overly absorbed in technology, and as the world of tech grows, I believe the main concern is that we need to not be blinded by social media and electronics. We must realize who we are and not let technology grow more powerful than humans. I am not saying technology is bad. Technology is an object? How can we let it grow more powerful than us. The balance of technology and the world is goal.

  18. Technology is one of the greatest impacts on modern society. It allows us to access and understand the world around us in a way that society previously has not been able to. We use technology in all aspects of our lives. It can be used to keep in touch with family, to check the weather, to shop, and to research anything that we need to know. Technology is everywhere, it appears in the classroom with smart boards and Chromebooks, in the home with TVs and Google Homes, and also in the car with GPS and backup cameras. I know that I personally find it extremely difficult to go a day without my phone because that is what modern society has taught me. I have learned a lot of valuable information from technology, and it has assisted me in getting the best education I can. Technology is one of the main impacts on modern society, and it helps us to understand the world around us.

  19. Today in society nearly everyone has one smartphone in their family. With these cell phones, it is almost guaranteed they will have social media. Weather it Facebook, Instagram, or snapchat, they will have it. It not just in the kid’s parents and grandparents have these apps. People waste hours of time scrolling through their feed. As delsiel22 says we are being blinded by social media. This is impacting our lives also people are getting bullied on social media. People don’t realize a comment can bring someone’s self-confidence down and can lead the poster into a bad state of mind. Technology can be used in great ways but it can also harm the users. We must realize what we are commenting and make it nice not harmful. We need to figure out a way to “block the haters” so people can spend their hours on social media not getting bullied. Technology will be great one day but it’s not quite there yet.

  20. Nearly all people in modern day America have access to the internet, social media, and have a phone, or another similar device. These devices are amazingly useful for all sorts of things, but I personally constantly use social media sites in order to advance my education, and understanding of literature, film, and other forms of arts. Social media sites are a great way to introduce yourself to new and interesting ideas, and dedicate yourself to them for a short while. It’s also incredibly easy to talk to other people with similar interests as you, allowing for inspiration in things you might have not originally thought of. Having others around giving you new ideas is a great way to think differently. There is almost an infinite amount of resources online for everything, so no matter what you want to do you can learn something new about it.

  21. Social media can have an impact on society. This influence is positive. Personally, I use my Twitter and Instagram as my main social media platforms. On Twitter I follow people with the same interests as myself. I follow individuals who I believe to be influential. For example, Lin-Manuel Miranda uses his Twitter as a positive influence. On his account he posts “G’morning” and “G’night” tweets. He tweets in the morning and at night (with extra tweets between) and they are supposed to be motivational. He uses his power to make people feel better about themselves or their situation in their lives. Seeing these makes me feel calmer in stressful situations. With social media I can see what my favorite actors and artists are up to by looking at their feed. The people in the United States now have devices like the iPhone XR and MacBook Air. Children at the age of 5 or 6 are now getting phones and have their own laptops. It could be for the purpose of calling when they get home from school if the parents work. With schools now getting Chromebooks, students are now able to use technology at their house if they don’t have the resources for a computer project at home. However, this can also have negative affects. If a child has social media at the age of 6 they might be setting them self up for a lower self-esteem. Even teenagers have set themselves up for this by following super muscular male models or super skinny female models. All these pictures get morphed in order to get proper advertising. But when these pictures are edited and changed so much, it can set people up to think that they have to look like the models they see in magazines and posts on social platforms. I think that we could try to fix problems like that by taking pictures of models with different body types and this way others can try to feel better about themselves because they are being represented in something, rather than feeling as if they could never be good enough for anything. If the teens of today use their power they can try to fix the mistakes that society has made.

  22. “This is the first generation of people that work, play, think and learn differently than their parents… They are the first generation to be not be afraid of technology. It’s like air to them.” Don Tapscott. Social media has been with us since the beginning. By the time we were in fifth grade almost half of us children had smart phones. We were born to accept and evolve with technology, as an alternative to being intimidated by it. Technology today impacts everyone’s lives whether they accept it or not. As humans evolve, so does technology and everything around us. Technology molds us into the people we are and it will keep molding us throughout the rest of our lives. It is only growing and will change with or without us. Social media, on the other hand, can change for the worst or the best. Speaking from someone who has had apps like instagram or snapchat since I turned 11, social media can definitely create ideas in your mind and the ideas change over time along with the social media site itself. Social media and technology can only change as time goes on so, rather than be nervous or fearful for change, you should accept it.

  23. Technology has affected my life in a positive way. Technology is goof for society as long as it’s used correctly. I personally use technology for social media and texting that allows for better communication. However, if it’s used incorrectly, students can be harmed or negatively affected. Technology can also be used in a positive way for educational purposes. Educational technology can increase the students literacy ability and other aspects of learning. Technology affects society in different ways that can either can be used to enhance or make an individual worse.

  24. In our current world, technology plays a very large roll in people’s lives. I have access to the internet and such, although I am not currently on any social media platforms. I know social media has very large impacts on individuals, both beneficial and detrimental. It can be used for so many things. Now people have an easier time communicating, sharing ideas, and witnessing information that they’ve never seen before. But with these improvements, it can also be seen that the world is becoming to dependent on technology and social media. Our once independent world now grasps technology like a life line and won’t let go. Personally, I don’t have the problem, I don’t have that degree of dependence. The world’s crazy obsession with technology has opened doors for new and inventive education but also for cyberbullying, illegal trade, and horrendous activity online. Social media can be just as destructive as it is productive and helpful.

  25. In today’s time technology is more evident than ever. Personally, I use technology more than I would like to. Because technology is more present now than ever, I feel as though I have adapted to its ways and have become dependent on it. Because it is so present in everyday life and such a convenience, people overuse it and form a reliance on it. For example, I personally use technology in many different ways such as for entertainment, for commerce, and for academics. I believe that the reliance on technology will grow as time goes. Technology is constantly evolving and growing more advanced. The possibilities are becoming bigger and bigger as the years come. Because of this I believe that people will become more dependent on technology in future years. If the dependence on technology is already huge, with the advancement of it the dependence on it will grow to become bigger.

  26. I use technology everyday, whether its social media or for school. I personally believe that technology is beneficial for society, even though it has ups and downs. For one, social media can be used for good or for bad. I use social media to connect with my friends and family, and it helps communication especially if we don’t see each other as often. Other people may be more prone to bad things, and may not gain anything beneficial from social media. While social media is a great place for communicating, it can also contain bullies or unrealistic standards which can have a negative effect on society. But, technology can be beneficial to education, which is a reason why I firmly believe that technology is a good thing. In school, students can use it to research and learn more. In all, it depends on the person and what they use it for, but I believe technology is beneficial to society and will continue to grow and develop with us to create better things.

  27. The current use of technology differs greatly from the past. Now, nearly everyone with the access to technology have platforms to share information and life events with a push of a button. Kids use social media to communicate with other kids, and even possibly families, or people they never have met. Not only does technology provide social media, but it provides entertainment, such as a way to watch movies, shows, or even read a book. Technology is not only used for communication, entertainment or shopping though. Technology allows anyone with the internet to learn any new knowledge that interests them with a click of a button. In the Future of Learning Video, it discusses how most kids are taught they need to do well in school and make it to college. But technology provides people a way to teach themselves any new information and even take college courses. With the vast forms and uses of technology, nearly anyone can do what the wish to do without someone’s help.

  28. I depend on technology in my everyday life; I rely on it for transportation, communication, education, etc., and the same goes for other people. Personally, but other people can probably relate to me, technology like smartphones, television, and computers have been something beneficial to me but disadvantageous as well. This type of technology has given me the chance to communicate and connect with families abroad—social media allows me to do this; provide entertainment to me, and provide online resources that can help with school work. All these are positives effects technology has on me, but there are negatives as well. Because of this technology (cellphone especially), I became “addicted” or obsessed that I’m continually using it for hours, and as a result, I became nearsighted and needed to get prescribed glasses.

  29. In today’s world, social media is sadly a negative force. Social media could extremely improve the world of communication. However, it has now caused people to retreat into a shell of their phone. Social media causes people to say disgusting vulgar things everyday because this non face to face contact limits most repercussions. People can say what they want, when they want, without a care. It is unfortunate that social media has turned out so negative. Social media had such promise and potential. It made communicating across the world simple. Email, Direct Messages, and text messages are just three examples of instant communication. However, communication has either already peaked, or is about to peak. This is all due to toxicity between people online. In a perfect world everyone would be peaceful, helpful and supportive when talking online. But this clearly we do not live in a perfect. There are thousands of reason that are leading to the plague of society, but social media is slowly becoming a main cause of this downfall. Cyber bullying has become an epidemic recently. Overall, social media had a good start and good potential, but it has now been completely ruined by millennials and gen z.

  30. I myself do not have any social media. But I see how my closest friends and family are affected by it. Social media is a good tool to reconnect with someone you have not seen or talked to in a long time. Or if you do not live near each other but still want to stay in contact. It is good for rebuilding relationships. However, it is just as good at ruining them. Social media is a very addicting thing. You can easily sit down and spend hours on it without even knowing. That does not help build your relationships with the people right at home. And anyone can easily bully anyone else on social media because you don’t know who it’s coming from. Social media has it’s pros and cons. I personally would probably never use it. I feel that relationships with the people who are right at home are better than those online. Both are your friends but an online friend can’t always be there for you when you’re having a problem.

  31. In the current state that social media is in, (with the major sites/apps being Snapchat,Instagram, and even Youtube), it can be both a dividing and combining force. Based on my experience I can stand by this. Social media can allow for people to meet other that they would not have talked to ther wise, spark new intersts and just expands someones knowledge overall, both socially, politically, and factually. Yet with all these benefits it comes with downsides, being that there can be major toxic situations or even bullying issues created due to social media. I personally used social media for talking to friends and other mutual friends/acquaintances from school and also for education and entertainment. Though in order to clear my mind, I have decided to stop using social media for at least a while, to get away from unwanted toxicity and violence. I feel this will clear my mind because it will allow me to think for myself more I suppose, with less outside forces and influences impacting my decisions and thoughts.This is just my philosophy on the current state of social media.

  32. In the present, (January 2019) technology has a major effect on many parts of the average person’s everyday life. Technology is important when it comes to society, and it influences a lot of things. Technology has a lot of beneficial effects when it comes to education, since without it, education would barely progress over time, because students would have no access to the internet. Even though technology does bring good things to daily life, it also has bad effects. Many of the bad effects involve the social aspect of technology, for example, social media can cause people to be socially awkward when put into face-to-face confrontations. It can also cause people to lose motivations to do simple things, like going outside, or getting together with friends. All in all, my opinion on technology as a whole, is that it’s beneficial when used properly, it just has to be controlled in order to prevent any negatives.

  33. Based on my experience with social media, I personally believe that it has a positive and negative effect on peoples life. Social media can help family members connect, share photos and keep each relatives updated on another persons life. But based on the present generations contact with social media, I believe that there was an overall negative outcome. I, myself, have never been cyber bullied or attacked online, but Ive seen it happen to other kids. The impact that social media is having on our society, is unchangeable. This is because social media have set up standards for adults, teens, and even young children. When people conduct activities that don’t fit into the laws of the society, and share them online, other people tend to make fun of them for being original and unique. In conclusion, us as humans should be avoiding the rules that social media set for us and be ourselves, because if we were all the same, the world would be dull and lifeless.

  34. Social media has an impact on present day now. Many people use technology in a negative way. They are getting hurt because many people are getting bullied and are not liking it. Many people are wanting social media to be a good thing and very useful. But their are still many people that are use social media it a negative way. When social media is used in a good way it can be a good thing because it can have many benefits. It can help people connect and communicate and share what is occurring in their life. People want to make it so that technology is helpful in the future so that people do not get hurt. People get hurt when social media is negatively used but social media can have major impact on people’s lives in the future. Social media can impact people because it can help people express themselves or can hurt people. In the future social media is wanted to impact people in a positive way.

  35. Technology and social media has taken over society. There are some people that think they can’t live if they don’t have their phone in their hand or at least somewhere in there vision. Social media has changed society very drastically. People are always trying to change themselves to be accepted in the digital world and it has taken a toll. There are people that spend tons of money to make themselves look “good” to be able to get a lot of likes or comments on social media. I don’t go on my phone that often and I only have a few social media apps that I don’t use that much. I mostly just use my phone for communication. People lose time with friends or family in real life when they spend too much time on their phone. This could make them drift away from their loved ones just for fame.

  36. There are positive and negative outcomes when it comes to social media. Personally, I think social media impacts people’s lives in negative and positive ways. Some ways that social media has impacted us positively are for advertisement, entertainment, academics, news, and charities. Social media is able to spread information to the world for different reasons that have impacted people’s lives. In addition, social media has also created negatively in today’s society. People especially children and teenagers are being cyber-bullied online and their self esteem has gone down because people are comparing themselves to others. Although I haven’t been attacked online, I know others who have and those types of things that happen online are unchangeable. In my opinion social media is being used too often that kid are becoming distracted and it affects students test scores and grades. In other words, social media has made people have less face to face communication and aren’t used to saying their feelings to others off of a screen. In the future, this will create complications in our society which will improve speaking skills. Therefore, social media has impacted our society and future positively and negatively. People can use it in their everyday lives only if it used appropriately and efficiently.

  37. There are many positive and negative outcomes when using technology and social media. Social is a widely used platform in the 21st century. Social media has been used for many things like entertainment, chatting, academics and sharing posts and life moments. Social media make idea sharing fast and easy giving it a positive impact. When scrolling through social platforms there will be many ads displayed. These ads can be for games, apps, ect. I personally used social media for entertainment. I think it great way to view short films of comedy, sports and action. With all of this good impact on society through entertainment, advertisement, academics. There is a bad side to social media. Social media provides to perfect environment form the start of rumors, cyber-bullying, blackmailing. People can mentally harm others with hurtful messages and posts. So, if social media is used correctly and appropriately it will continue to impact society for the better in the future.

  38. Social media is used for many different reasons such as entertainment and communication. When used correctly, social media can be a very good thing that benefits many people. Personally, I use social media primarily for communication. Outside of that, social media can distract people from what truly matters. For example, as an athlete it is very important to monitor what you say on social media and there have been many instances where very talented athletes lost the opportunity to play a college sport because of something they had said on social media. SO although social media can be very beneficial, it is very easy to use it the wrong way and get yourself into trouble.

  39. Social media is a very big part of today’s world. I have had social media for a while now and I have noticed some of the positive and negetive affects it has had on me. I find myself spending many hours looking at my phone. Some apps can be very addictive to use and make it so we want to keep coming back to it. A positve affect of social media is that I can communicate with my family that is over 2,000 miles away. I can show my friends and family the things that I am doing by posting on social media. I can use social media for entertainment too. Although there are positive effects of social media, social media has many negetive effects. What we see of others on social media is very different from who they truly are. We want to show our best selves and because of that, it gives others the idea that we are perfect and that we have no flaws. Because of this, I have found that I often compare myself to others on social media. I think thoughts like “I’m not skinny enough”, “I wish I was as pretty as she is”, and “I wish my life was as perfect as theirs”. These thoughts come because of the fact that through social media, we don’t see the whole picture or who people really are. People tend to spend many hours on social media. The more we use it, the more we will want to use it. Social media has a way of distracting us from the people and the world around us. These effects of social media may not be personal to only me. I feel that many people in society feel this way about society, that it has both positive and negetive effects on our world.

  40. Technology is everywhere in the present day, and it offers more opportunities than ever to change the world. My cellphone can almost instantly give me thousands of answers to my questions. This information is accessible to anyone connected, offering it to millions. Social media that comes through technology can connect anyone with anyone across the globe. Allowing people to stay up to date with their friends no matter where they are. Technology is not all good though as thousands maybe millions of people are cyberbullied on social media, technology helps and harms us but without it we would not be anywhere close to the advanced and connected society we live in today.

  41. Technology has been one leading factor to changing society.
    Technology is used in all aspects of our life we use it to learn and to communicate. We also use it in our classrooms with the chrome books and smart boards and it could help us learn faster or sometimes slower. I use my phone everyday to call my mom and text my friends. Sometimes it is negative and it makes people disconnect from others. Sometimes though it can connect people who can’t see each other everyday. So i think that the technology in society has it’s positives and it’s negatives.

  42. The technology now and in the present has an extreme impact on my life and others in the world. Social media has negative and positive effects on people. A positive impact is that you can talk to others and meet new people. You can use technology for entertainment and for learning as well. A negative impact is that people online can hide behind there screens and make fun of others. They can cyberbully others and make them upset or down. It can have a huge impact on self esteem and how people think of themselves. I like to use technology to help me with work and for entertainment. I also use it to talk to my friends and family as well.

  43. Technology is a great and useful tool when used in an appropriate manner. For example, schools across the nation are implementing technology into the curriculum by adjusting the methods in which students can come to different conclusions. In our own district, the use of Chromebooks has had a tremendous effect on how engaged students are in their learning. Personally, I can say that I appreciate the use of technology in our school system very much. It has helped me to stay engaged in my learning and to learn new things that I would have never learned in a typical classroom setting. To further prove this, our district is assigning personal computers to each student, and I think that this is a very smart move. With computers for every student, everyone is able to take their learning home and immerse it within their home lives. Having this resource will undoubtedly give some people a reason to discover new information and ideas that were never able to them before. On the other hand, technology can also be damaging for students. Social media is a perfect example of this. While social media can be used for lots of good, it can be used as a platform for cyberbullying. Technology can provide a false sense of anonymity, in that the person cannot directly see you. Even on a lower scale, social media can act as pressure for teens to align with social standards. Overall, technology is an amazing asset to education and the modern world, but like anything, can be used in a negative way.

  44. Technology has become a huge part of this generation’s daily life. On devices like our smartphones, there is social media, texting, FaceTime, etc. All things that make communication with others more convenient. However, technology can have a negative impact on our routine as well. Sometimes, we spend too much time online which can become a distraction from the “real world”. Officially, smartphones were made for us to know things at the speed of light. Checking the weather, creating reminders, all of these aspects which are supposed to make our days more efficient and less time consuming. If society could learn not to abuse these abilities, technology could definitely have a more positive public opinion. Sometimes, people use social media to make one upset. This includes cyber bullying or any other of online harassment. The usual reason for this is because others feel more confident in themselves to say hurtful things behind a screen. A better solution would be to have a reasonable, mature discussion rather than leaving mean messages underneath someone’s post. If technology could be used for helping others instead of hurting, there would be a lot more better outcomes.

  45. Technology has had such a huge impact on society in today’s world. It is an amazing tool society is privileged to have. Technology has an abundance of resources and constant information at our fingertips. Everything is so easily accessible and available for anyone to use. Society today is so lucky to be able to use such advanced resources the using it allows society to live in the most advanced way. It is also a great way to stay connected. Whether it’s connecting with an old friend or seeing what relatives are up to, it is all possible. Technology makes anything that society thought was impossible, possible. Technology has information on every topic, and it allows people to have no limits. Technology also allows people to share their experiences and fully express themselves. With this, people with similar experiences can converse and feel bonded. In addition, technology has allowed new advancements in numerous fields including healthcare, science, geography, literature and more. With healthcare, technology has saved so many lives with new medicines and machines to cure certain diseases. For instance, the cat scan, which isn’t that recent in technology, has served such an important purpose in the medical field. It allows doctors to see the brain, bones, blood vessels and more clearer than ever before. This can help to distinguish tumors and possible cancer. Even though technology is such a great influence in today’s society, it can also be a greatly negative thing for people. For example, social media. These networks of people connecting all over can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can be very negative to society. Cyberbullying can happen so easily over social media when anyone can just hide behind a screen. Also, having social media opens up a great field of vulnerability for society. Anyone can easily lie about who they are, tricking others into what they want them to think. This is especially dangerous because some teens won’t question it. Many teens in America are struggling with depression and when someone is telling them everything they want to hear, it is so easy to listen. Social media can be so beneficial, but can also be incredibly dangerous. With everyone behind a screen, it is sometimes very difficult to know who anyone really is. Technology is a great thing, with so many benefits to society, but it is also not entirely safe. Therefore, technology can be unfavorable in society.

  46. Today many people use social media and for many reasons. Some people use it for entertainment, news, and talking with friends. I believe that social media is a good way to spread the news and fast. People see news with in seconds after it comes out because of social media. Social media is also a good way of keeping in contact with friends from long distance. Social Media is not just a distraction, it can be used for many other things. Social media is just a way to help people see pictures of friends and family. Social media helps our society a lot, people share news through social media and I believe that this is the reason why it is most important. This is the way that we hear all the information, from all around the world.

  47. When used appropriately and responsibly modern technology is a helpful tool. It can be used to quickly and effectively contact family members,friend, and it can be used in case of an emergency. Social media allows you to stay in contact with friends and you can see what people are doing rather than having them tell you about it. however technology also has a downside now in public people walk around with their face glued into their phone with earbuds in not talking to anybody. Social media can start wars between friends. Now people hide behind their phones rather than telling a person face to face how they feel. Social medial is also a major place Cyber bullying which is just as bad as regular bullying. So technology have impacted the modern world both positively and negatively.

  48. Currently, I use technology for academics to help with studying and working on assignments in and out of class. However, I mostly use technology for social media and communication with my friends. Technology is very prevalent today, it’s everywhere, and I think that it will only continue to evolve and have more advanced uses later on. Social media has continued to strengthen communication but also spread hate to people. The rise in cyberbullying is mainly due to the fact that people can hide behind a screen and spread hate. Overall, social media has many positive and negative effects on people. Although it does have many negative effects, people who experience these could always delete the app or block others to prevent this. Personally, I have met some of my best friends online, and have seen so much love spread on different social platforms. Technology could be good or bad, it just depends on how and what you use it for.

  49. I would say technology is the biggest thing nowadays. Technology is everywhere,and anywhere you look it will be there. Technology has impacted my life greatly. I use technology for School, Entertainment, Communicating with others, etc. If it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t be doing this assignment right now, and when technology is used appropriately it can lead to great success and helpful information being shared with the whole world. But even with these great things, it can also be seen that the world is becoming too dependent on technology and social media. The big obsession with technology has opened doors for new problems for education but also for cyberbullying, and horrible activity online. Social media can be just helpful as it is destructive.

  50. Technology can definitely be beneficial, but can also be destroying society as a whole. In this social media age, we have the ability to communicate with our friends and families so easily even if they are across the globe. This is a great advance that we have created in life because it is now so easy to talk to whoever, whenever. People can also share their posts and videos on the internet and can create their own entertainment for others to watch, which can give confidence and happiness from all the nice messages and comments that they get. With that, hate and distraction can also come from technology, which is not good. People can post anything they want, and nothing can stop them from leaving hate comments on to other posts. These things bring out unfortunate things in life, and people can end their lives because of this. Technology can also distract others from life. As we all know, we shouldn’t text and drive. Sometimes people don’t listen and unfortunately pass away from this. Technology will definitely always have a negative impact on us. Some people are already consumed and acting like robots in this age. Technology has impacted us so much that people have lost the natural ability to talk to one another. We are on our phones so much that when we don’t have it with us, we feel so uncomfortable. Although phones aren’t the only technology that harm more than help, Medical technology is a different story because their advancements have actually helped and benefited. The effect of technology can’t be put in one side because it has both helped and harmed society. There’s no doubt that in the future, technology will advance into things that can help, but also cause dangers.

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