The Future of Learning in a Networked Society

Offer some ideas about your present and/or future use of technology in the social media age and what impact it is making/will make in society.

What do you use it for:


Commerce(aka shopping)?


Sharing life moments?

Academic, political or religious discourse?

Any other reasons?


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51 thoughts on “The Future of Learning in a Networked Society

  1. Now in our world, technology usage has increased and became more popular. I think it has impacted our world positively. To this day, everyone uses some kind of technology in one way or another. Personally, I use technology very often, and many times during the day. It helps everyone do work, and make life easier, which is why I believe it is very popular. Some people use it too much on social media in good but also bad ways because they use it the wrong way. But, I think technology and social media has helped people all around by communicating and sharing thoughts. If everyone knew how to act properly over social media, it wouldn’t be bad.

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